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Celebrate a season of “Forage and Harvest” at Te Huanui this May. Featuring works by Sarah Cavill, Frank Sin, Bryony Bedggood and Jo Seizova. Forage and Harvest officially opens at 6pm Friday, 26 April and runs until Thursday, 30 May. 


Jo Seizova immigrated to Christchurch from Macedonia in 1996. Taking daily walks on the beach, Jo discovered a treasure trove of driftwood that nature sculpted over time and felt an instant connection.


Guided by an unwavering desire to honour and accentuate the natural beauty within each piece, I carefully select and prepare the driftwood, incorporating occasional elements such as metal, stone, and glass to enrich their inherent charm.


Sarah Cavill is inspired by those who choose to pick up a pen, brush or knife to apply colour, or create, be it intentionally or unintentionally. She in turn, hopes to inspire others to unleash their inner artist with her journey to capture the emotion, even the quirky moments in animal portraiture. 


Sarah’s work for the exhibition has given her the opportunity to experiment further with a captured moment.The chance to bring forth a discussion, a curiosity, possibly appreciation and definitely opinion on those that hunt, are hunted, through to those that forage or are expected to harvest or be harvested.


Flora and Fauna have always held a fascination for Bryony Bedggood,, one that can be explored in so many different ways. As a child she foraged on the many beach and hill walks arriving home with pockets full and the car littered with found treasures - nothing much has changed!


Bryony’s work explores how monoprinting can complement and juxtapose the more ethereal qualities that cyanotype printing can produce. All paper is hand printed using locally foraged plant life and the cyanotype printing method before adding stitch and wirework, ink, monoprint and the use of cold wax.


Frank Sin took painting up as a hobby five years ago, with an early interest in portraiture. Over time and through workshops with Min Kim and Joseph Zbukvic, Frank’s interest extended to a range of genres. 


Frank plays with textures and mediums, using dried up paint skins, sugar and sand. Frank enjoys working in landscape, cityscape, still life and abstract genres, examples which you’ll see in his work for Forage and Harvest. 


Te Huanui will also host a hands-on foraging experience with knowledgeable duo Peter Langlands and Jackie Phillips on Saturday, 11 May from 1 - 3pm. Spend two hours urban foraging throughout Darfield township. $15 per person, limited numbers. Book at

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